Monday, March 4, 2013

Today's Tarot: Four of Cups (withdrawal, lack of awareness, apathy)

There are times in our lives when we want alone time. We crave solitude. We need time spent in repose. When those times occur, I say go for it. You need it; go get it. Do what it takes to get some peace of mind.

Here's the thing, though. In tarot, that need for solitude is best typified by the Hermit. The Hermit has chosen his path of solitary meditation. He is cool with his road. The Four of Cups wants to be the Hermit but the path isn't a peaceful one. The figure in the Four of Cups finds him- or herself solitary but not by choice. Something has happened to create a paradigm where solitude has been placed on him or her.

It might be conscious in that the figure might have retreated from connection to those around her because of sorrow, depression, or anxiety. So then this is a defensive move. "Let me withdraw from all of you before I feel any more pain," might be the perspective.

It might also be unconscious. The figure might feel so isolated that reaching for connection is just too difficult. And there might be no conscious explanation or awareness that it has happened, which creates an even more lonely and depressing atmosphere.

Sometimes, the situation might feel unchangeable and perhaps unbearable. But it's not.

And that's the thing about this card. If you look at the figure below, you will see that possibilities exist in the form of the hand holding the last cup. Opportunity for a shift, possibility of change on the wind is right there in front of our eyes if only we look up and see it.

Sometimes, we've gotten to the point that we find it impossible to gather the energy necessary even to raise our eyes. Then, I'd suggest seeking help of the professional variety. But, if it is just apathy because of lack of awareness or motivation, if it is just the maintenance of a pattern of disconnection, then I say we must raise our eyes and look to the skies for possibilities.

Opportunity for change, for a shift of our emotional trajectory is right there, if only we can see it. So, here's today's mission. If you find yourself in the pattern of apathy, lethargy or even sorrow or depression, look at things differently. Treat yourself to something you love and appreciate the heck out of it as you do it/see it/consume it. Find the tiniest spark of what might make you happy and pounce on it and relish it like a kitty does with a catnip toy.

The smallest shift will eventually move mountains on your emotional landscape and the opportunity for joy is just a small perspective shift away. Lift your eyes. See the cup brimming with possibilities and then drink from it deeply.

(Oh and if you are thinking of a career shift, particularly if it is one that is closer to your heart, information on how to do that is coming at you. You'll have to notice it, grab it, and go for it when it comes.)

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